The gardens of Provence

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The first weekend of June in France is designated ‘Rendez-vous aux jardins’ – over 2300 gardens throughout France are open to the public (some by appointment only), in order to encourage people to see the remarkable gardens and parks of France – it’s the perfect time to discover some amazing gardens in Provence. Provençal gardens […]

Provence with kids

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There is a wide range of activities to choose from when you come to Provence with kids, and these are our recommendations based on our experiences bringing up families in Provence. Some of these activities aren’t really in Provence (such as the Pont d’Arc Cave, or the Crocodile Farm) but they are an easy day-trip. […]

September in Provence

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September is a glorious month to visit Provence. The heat of summer has passed, and most of the visitors have gone home, leaving cafés, restaurants, markets and roads relatively empty. In Provence in September you are more likely to be held up by a tractor and trailer taking harvested grapes to the local co-operative than […]

Know your lavender

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If anything says ‘Provence’ it’s lavender. Snaking, parallel humped lines of glorious scented, purple lavender – the icon of Provence. And if you’ve been lucky enough to be in Provence when it’s in flower it’s a sight (and scent) you’ll never forget. Particularly at the end of the day when the warm evening air is […]