Know your lavender

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If anything says ‘Provence’ it’s lavender. Snaking, parallel humped lines of glorious scented, purple lavender – the icon of Provence. And if you’ve been lucky enough to be in Provence when it’s in flower it’s a sight (and scent) you’ll never forget. Particularly at the end of the day when the warm evening air is […]

The secrets of lavender

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Lavender has a big role to play in Provence – it feeds the bees, scents the soap, flavours ice cream and provides confetti at weddings, but its oil is also used every day. In fact lavender oil is the most used essential oil in the world. When there is a nit outbreak at the village […]


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Nothing says summer in Provence like the sweeping fields of lavender in full bloom – the wondrous colour, that subtle scent, a brush of flower on the hand, the hum of bees at work – lavender appeals to all the senses. And it is known as ‘blue gold’ because it’s a valuable crop too, its […]