It’s often quite hard to know when and how much to tip in France – particularly when the final price shows that the tip (15%) is included (service compris). There are no real ‘rules’ – tipping generally isn’t expected – think of it as a gesture of appreciation. It’s up to you but tips should always be given in cash – don’t try to add them on to your credit card. Here are some pointers.

In a hotel
Bellhops: 1-2€ per bag
Concierge: 5-15€ if he or she goes out of their way to help you book reservations, gives you recommendations, directions etc.
Doorman: 1-2€ if he or she hails you a cab or helps with your luggage
Hotel maid: If you’re pleased with the state of your room, tip 1-2€ per day or at end of stay (in cash)
Room service waiter: 1-3€ per delivery even if a service charge has been added

Porter or skycap at airport or train station: 1€ – 2€per bag
Taxis: 5% to 10% depending on the quality of the service. You never tip an Uber driver.
Tour guide: about 10% of tour price

In a café and bar
When you pay for your café au lait or your pression beer it’s normal to leave the change or round up the bill to the nearest whole figure. The same applies to a bartender for a round of drinks.

In a restaurant
The tip is included in the final bill (service compris) but if the service was good, round up the bill or leave the waiter 1-3€ in casual restaurants. A nice ‘thank you’ would be 5-10% in more expensive restaurants.
Coat-check assistant & restroom attendant in more up-market restaurants: 1€
Valet parking attendant: 1-2€ when you get your car

A few euros