In 2016, for four months only, a van Gogh retrospective in the very place that so inspired him: Provence.

Wherever you look in Provence you’ll see the wonders that fill van Gogh’s masterpieces – from almond blossom and irises to immense star-filled skies, from the colourful cafes of Arles to fields of sunflowers and olive trees.

From May 14th the Vincent van Gogh Foundation in Arles hosts an exhibition to showcase his transition into one of the modern greats, with 31 works from early to last days.

Van Gogh moved to Provence in the hope of finding the colour of the Japanese landscapes, popular at the time. He found more than just colour however – he found extraordinary inspiration – and his creative output soared.  Based mainly in Arles and Saint-Remy-de-Provence, van Gogh produced 500 Provence paintings in the 2 years he had left to live, and many of these are considered his greatest works.

Vincent and his demon...both paintings will be exhibited in the show

Vincent and his demon…both paintings will be exhibited in the show

But so revered is van Gogh now that there is currently only one of his paintings on permanent exhibit in Provence. So this is a rare opportunity to experience his works in Provence itself, where he found his muse, but tragically also lost his mind.

“Vincent van Gogh en Provence: la tradition modernisée” opens on 14th May and runs until 11th September at the Vincent van Gogh Foundation in Arles. Open every day from 11-7pm.

Two contemporary artists are on display alongside: British artist Glenn Brown who makes overt reference to van Gogh’s works in his own, and Dutch artist Saskia Olde Wolbers who has made a video about the London house where van Gogh once lived.

The van Gogh exhibition’s official website.

Transport yourself with this video – view every single van Gogh painting in one sitting…

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